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“All my friends see stars” is one of the more important lines in the song and is based on the experience of looking at beautiful things while depressed and feeling nothing. It’s a really confusing experience to look at something you know once overwhelmed you with awe and wonder and feel as though you’re looking at a blank wall. This one hit me especially hard when I was standing on a porch in a town called Chatham looking at the night sky. The town is far enough away from any city that you can really see the majesty of the milky way. I used to look forward to going there just for the experience of seeing the stars in all their magnificence, but when I was depressed and looked up at them, nothing happened. It was like I couldn’t see them. The rest of the song is mostly just about death. “Drag me out and leave me in the garden” is just a nice way of saying “bury me” as is “How could I leave here and live in the soil.” I like how few lyrics there are in this song.

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